Dear GGCC members,

October is the church’s annual mission month.  We invite you to take some time to pray and reflect on how you might partner with God’s mission through Golden Gate Christian Church. Please use the enclosed mission pledge card to make your faith pledge to the Mission Fund for 2021.

Pledging for missions is a response to the needs of missions. You can pledge to give a one-time or periodical offering. You can also commit to pray for missionaries and ministries. Giving by faith relies on God’s provision and is a response to God’s rich blessings. May God help us to pledge our giving accordingly.

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Golden Gate Christian Church has been supporting 7 missionaries and 7 mission organizations.
The seven missionaries are listed as follows:

1 | John & Christa Tsai Kyrgyzstan* / China Evangelistic Mission


2 | Julie Chang USA / Cru


3 | Ken & Jeannie Lee Japan / CRC Resonate Global Mission


4 | Michelle Jung Taiwan / Youth With A Mission (YWAM)


5 | Vecky Tumion Indonesia / Youth With A Mission (YWAM)


6 | Wendy Wong Thailand / Daybreak Development Corp.


7 | E & T Undisclosed* / Frontiers



The seven organizations are listed as follows:

1 | Alpha Pregnancy Center Helping women and families faced with unplanned pregnancy / San Francisco, CA


2 | Central Asia Sharing Aid Bringing faith, hope, and love to the children of Central Asia / Kyrgyzstan


3 | China Graduate School of Theology Inter-denominational, evangelical graduate university to train and serve the churches in China and to evangelize the world. / Mountain View, CA


4 | Chinese Christian Herald Crusade Promoting the Gospel by providing social services for Chinese-Americans / Bay Area, CA


5 | Joyful Noise Xpress (jnX) Use worship and music training to help believers cultivate a
worshipful life that is pleasing to God. / South San Francisco, CA
6 | Gospel Operation International Chinese mission organization committed to mobilizing God’s people for the Great Commission


7 | San Francisco Youth With a Mission (YWAM) A non-profit organization that seeks to engage the city of San Francisco with a loving God by reaching out to each sphere of society in unique, relevant and creative ways. / San Francisco, CA


How to make your 2021 Mission Pledge

Please mail your pledge card to the church office at 378 – 18th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121; or
Simply pledge on-line at

Your pledge, and the payment of it, are making a difference in the lives of the missionaries and mission organizations. Thank you and please know how grateful we are for your faithful generosity.

Mission Committee of Golden Gate Christian Church

Make your Mission Faith Pledge with the button below.
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