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What’s Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. A commemoration to Muhammad’s first revelation, the annual observance lasts 29-30 days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.

Thank the Lord! The Holy Spirit guides the Golden Gate Church and places the burden in our hearts that the Hui in Myanmar will accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and one day there would be a church established in their community. The Missions Committee and the UUPG Working Group would like to invite you to join this 30 days of prayer event during Ramadan. We will publish the weekly prayer guide in the following dates. May the Lord help us to respond to the calling He has given us as members of Golden Gate Church.





  • 第一週 / 42-9為緬甸回民禱告 (已發佈。點擊取得電子版禱告指引)

  • 第二週 / 4月10-16 | 為緬甸城市禱告 (4/10發佈)

  • 第三週 / 4月17-23 | 為向回民和穆斯林宣教的宣教士禱告 (4/17發佈)

  • 第四週 / 4月24日-5月1日 | 為在緬甸的基督徒群體禱告 (4/24發佈)