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The Ministry Department serves mainly in 2 areas:

  1. Small Groups
  2. Caring

Currently there are 21 Mandarin speaking small groups, 11 Cantonese speaking small groups, and 13 English speaking small groups, totaling 45 small groups. Small groups meet regularly once a week or twice a month, sometimes at church and mostly at different homes. They provide a place for members to fellowship, bible study, book, study, gathering, encouragement and simply helping each other. Members continue to build each other, care for each other and minister to each other. When there is a new friends or member that joins our church, we make every effort to enfold them into a small group as according to their language preference. Small group will provide an environment and opportunity for the members to fellowship and grow. Please click this link for a list of the small groups. The list contains meeting time, locations and studying or discussion topics. You are welcome to communicate with small group leaders by sending an email if you are interested in joining the particular small group. Small group leaders meet quarterly to share grace we experienced, problems encountered and to have prayer time together after our sharing.

The small groups serve in many areas of the Church ministry, including:

  • Tea Time Corner after every Sunday Services.
  • Annual Church Cleaning.
  • Pamphlets distribution for ACC at the beginning of every new season.
  • Ride Ministry for youth after fellowship and elderly after Sunday Services
  • The Caring Workshop had been provided, and will continue in the near future for training to equip coworkers to serve better in this area.