What would 5M’s benefit for your life development?

5M’s represent GGCC’s ministry departments and also describe the life development process of a healthy Christian. 5M’s enables you to fulfill the Lord’s Will in discipleship. Empower you to grow and mature to be like Jesus. Enables you to grow, serve, and worship the Lord with other brothers and sisters in the Christian community.


5M’s Departments


Our goal and Purpose: To guide people to know Christ. To provide outreach opportunities, leadership, encouragement, and support to members of GGCC and to the people of the community through the Agape Community Center (ACC) outreach ministry, Local Evangelism Ministry (LEM), Gospel Sundays and other Local evangelistic events. Our responsibilities include plan and host regular Seeker Services; support and collaborate with ACC and LEM to bring in new worshippers; plan and coordinate large annual local evangelistic events and all-church fellowship activities; welcome and enfold newcomers through phone call, card, email or home visitation; and encourage believers in becoming members of GGCC.


Vision: GGCC is filled with followers of Christ who are visibly excited, love and live out the Word of God in their lives. Key Purpose: Discipleship based on the teaching and living out the Word; Provide leadership to lead GGCC to become a church of prayers. Responsibility: Provide guidance, ideas, teachers, materials and training for Adult Sunday school classes; Provide guidance, coordinators, caregivers/teachers and teaching materials for the Nursery ministry; Provide creative incentive to encourage GGCC members to use the library resource to enrich their spiritual lives; Provide guidance and execution of all aspects of annual church retreat and encourage attendance; Provide opportunities, encouragements and special events for Spiritual growth and encourage attendance


Ministry Department serves to equip and help each member discover his/her personality, passion, and personal giftedness and place of Ministry within our church and community. It seeks to encourage members to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ, and to enable members to develop the service ministry and the care ministry of the church. One of the primary responsibility of the Ministry Department is overseeing all the small group ministries of our church. Service Ministry is also part of our responsibility. Throughout the year, each small group will find opportunities for community service. Passing our flyers to the neighborhood, Angel Tree Christmas gifts for children, and sorting food at the San Francisco Food Bank are but a few of community services that we take part in. Caring Ministry serves the needs of members who requires special physical, emotional and spiritual care. Our special care team will provide home delivery meal service to those that are seriously ill or unable to prepare meals. Visitation to the seniors or the sicks is usually coordinated with our pastoral team. Ministry Department joyfully serves the body of Christ at Golden Gate.

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The mission of the Missions Committee – To serve Golden Gate Christian Church’s call to the Great Commission. We mobilize our church members and partner with other missionaries to finish the task.



The goal of the Magnification Department is to promote and inspire the attendees of GGCC and incite all of us to worship and praise God as our purpose of living. The Department includes committee members from all three language services (Cantonese, English, and Mandarin). Our responsibilities include training and scheduling of worship teams and audio-visual personnel, maintenance of musical instruments, computers and sound systems, as well as general organization and maintenance of our worship inventory and facilities (Sanctuary and Gospel Hall). We are also responsible for training and scheduling of ushers and greeters for our Sunday worship services. It is our goal to organize musical events such as “Praise nights” and “Evangelical Musical Evening” in the near future, in order to encourage brothers and sisters to continue to learn about worshiping God as a life-style, and to use these events to reach out to our community.