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教牧長執聯會已決定於6/10繼續教會針對 Covid-19 給與進入教堂所有人員的要求。這包括對戴口罩、社交距離、吃飯、在一起和聚會的任何限制。教會將繼續密切留意當地的健康趨勢,並根據需要進行調整。

[:en]Indoor Service Reopens – March 7th, 2021[:zh]實體敬拜重開[:]


According to the city guidelines, we are now
reopened for in-person worship. Please register with the links below.

Livestream will be hosted at the same time.

Sign up to next week’s In-Person Worship:

Cantonese Sign Up Mandarin Sign Up English Sign Up

You can find more reopening information through the SF Reopening Website.





Cantonese Sign Up Mandarin Sign Up English Sign Up

You can find more reopening information through the SF Reopening Website.


[:en]Indoor Services – Closed[:zh]實體崇拜-已關閉[:]


“Due to a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases across the City and State, San Francisco is required to roll back most non-essential indoor activities including indoor fitness, indoor theaters, indoor worship and indoor museums. The City must also limit certain outdoor family entertainment and reduce capacity at retail stores.”


As of Nov. 29th, 2020, Golden Gate Christian Church, therefore, cannot continue to host in-person worship until further instructions from the City Health Department. Please join us in our Sunday Live-Stream Service!

You can find more reopening information through the SF Reopening Website.[:zh]



因此,自2020年11月29日起,金門基督教教會將無法繼續進行實體崇拜,除非得到市衛生局的進一步指示。 請加入我們的周日直播崇拜


[:en]October 19, 2020 | COVID-19 Update #10[:zh]10月19日| COVID-19更新#10[:]

[:en]Per new guidances from SF City Health Department. Golden Gate Christian Church resumes In-Person Sunday Services. However, you must first Sign Up online to attend as suggested by the Health Guidances.

Sign Up Cantonese Sign Up Mandarin Sign Up English


In addition, the permission to resume our In-Person Worship Services does not permit us to host Indoor Gatherings. Therefore, Golden Gate Christian Church will not be hosting Sunday Schools, Small Groups, Fellowships, and other Social Gatherings inside the building at this time. We encourage you to continue your gatherings online.

ACC and Opportunity Unlimited can resume operations given they follow the guidelines for non-profit and non-essential office.

Trusting in the Lord,
GGCRC Deacons[:zh]根據SF City Health Department的新指南。 金門基督教會恢復實體敬拜。 但是,您必須先按照健康指南的建議在線註冊才能參加主日崇拜。

Button Text Button Text 英語崇拜


此外,恢復實體敬拜的許可不允許我們舉辦室內聚會。 因此,金門基督教會目前將不在室內舉辦主日學校,小組,團契和其他社交聚會。 我們鼓勵您繼續在線聚會。

只要遵守 Non-Profit 和 Non-Essential Office 指南,ACC 和 Opportunity Unlimited 可以恢復運營。


[:en]October 3, 2020 | COVID-19 Update #9[:zh]6月17日| COVID-19更新#9[:]

[:en]Our Cantonese worship service (at 9:15a) and Mandarin worship services (at 11:00a) will begin in-person worship on 10/11. The first 2-3 Sundays will be by invitation only. We will post a link for registration to join our worship services when we are fully open to everyone.

Trusting in the Lord,
GGCC Council[:zh]粵語主日崇拜(9:15a)和華語主日崇拜(11:00a)將於10/11開始實體敬拜。 頭2-3個星期只能通過邀請參加。 當向所有人開放時,我們將發布一個註冊鏈接以加入我們的主日崇拜。


[:en]June 15, 2020 | COVID-19 Update #7[:zh]6月15日 | COVID-19更新#7[:]

[:en]Under the most recent SF Health Order Directive, the City of SF allows outdoor-only (up to 12 people) religious gatherings. Therefore, we will continue our online worship services until further notice.

Trusting in the Lord,
GGCC Council[:zh]根據最新的《 三藩市衛生指令》,三藩市只允許戶外最多12人的宗教聚會。 因此,我們將繼續在線上敬拜,請留意最新消息。


[:en]May 26, 2020 | COVID-19 Update #6[:zh]5月26日 | COVID-19更新#6[:]

[:en]The Council had voted to resume on-site Sunday Worship Service on June 21st. Attendance will be limited by invitation-only for 2 weeks.

We are taking the highest measure of precaution to ensure the safety of our staff and members. We will be observing the Social Distancing rules and health guidelines as directed from the health officials and would ask everyone who attends on-site service to adhere to the rules as well.

Trusting in the Lord,
GGCC Council[:zh]長執會已投票決定在6月21日恢復堂內主曰崇拜。 僅限受邀者參加,為期2週。

我們正在採取最大的預防措施,以確保弟兄姐妹的安全。 我們將遵守衛生官員指示的《社交隔離》和健康指南,並要求參加者也遵守這些規則。


[:en]April 29, 2020 | COVID-19 Update #5[:zh]4月29日 | COVID-19更新#5[:]

[:en]After the Council meeting on April 27th, 2020 and the latest Shelter In Place extension, Council has again decided to continue the suspension of all church activities within the church building until May 31st, except for church staff and for any essential activities.

We will continue to be alert of any changes by health officials of the city, state and federal.

Trusting in the Lord,
GGCC Council[:zh]

在4月27日的長執會議之後, 長執會決定將所有在教堂場地內的活動暫停到5月31日,只有教牧同工和有必要的活動除外。