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[:en]March 27, 2020 | COVID-19 Update #3[:zh]3月27日 | COVID-19更新#3[:]

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[:en]Our church council has been keeping up to date on the COVID-19 news related developments. This global pandemic is serious and the likelihood of restoring our church activities to normal in the next couple of weeks seems very slim. Council has made decision to continue the suspension of all church activities within the church building until May 1st, except for church staff and for any essential activities.

We will continue to be alert of any changes by health officials of the city, state and federal. If there are any changes on the mandate of shelter in place be lifted sooner, we will be glad to re-open our church building for activities and meetings.

Trusting in the Lord,
GGCC Council[:zh]金門教會長執會一直注意最新COVID-19的相關新聞和發展。 流行病是非常嚴重的,教會活動在未來幾週內恢復正常的可能性似乎很少。 長執會決定將所有在教堂場地內的活動暫停到5月1日,只有教牧同工和有必要的活動除外。

我們會繼續觀察市,州和聯邦衛生組織的任何消息。 假如「居家防疫」能夠題早取消,我們也會題早重新開放教會和所有在教會場地內的活動。