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Family separation

“Spring is here, and I am finishing the planting of all my crops. The work gets harder every year, and I am not able to work as hard as when I was younger. Most of what we grow just supports our family throughout the year. My son and daughter-in-law are off in the city trying to make enough money to support all of us. My wife and I watch our grandson each day. He is three now and very active. We have a hard time keeping up with him. Ramadan comes this year during the growing season. I am going to try and work the fields and fast every day. It will be hard. I am getting old, and I need as many good works as possible to get to heaven.”

How could we pray?

1. Pray for families that are separated as children go off to the city to find jobs.
2. Pray they will experience God’s blessing in the city and bring it back to their families and villages.



“春天來了,我快種完所有的莊稼了。工作一年比一年辛苦, 我卻不像年輕時那麼有勁。種的大部分莊稼只能養活我們 全家一年。我的兒子和兒媳在城裡工作,努力掙錢來補貼 家用。我和太太每天照顧我們的孫子。他今年三歲,非常活 潑。我們很難跟上他。今年齋戒月正好是莊稼生長的季節, 我想要每天禁食,但仍然到田裡工作。這會很難。我老了,我需要盡可能多做好事才能上天堂。”


1. 為因孩子去城裡找工作而分開的家庭禱告。
2. 孩子們在城裡經歷到上帝的祝福,並把它帶回給他們的家人和村子。