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Cru and Rev. A

Rev. A of Cru is reaching out to other religious groups in Yangon and all over Myanmar (Buddhist, Muslim, etc.) to promote mutual understanding and dialogue. Also through his involvement in social services, he is building a better relationship with the government and communities, so that Cru can reach out to more people.

How could we pray?

Pray that Cru will be the salt and light in the communities where they serve. May God lead people to Jesus Christ through contact with Cru.


學園傳道會和 A 牧師

學園傳道會的 A 牧師正在與仰光和緬甸各地的其他宗教團體(佛 教、伊斯蘭教等等)接觸,以促進相互理解和對話。此外,通過參與社會服務,他正在與政府和社區建立更好的關係,以便學園傳道會可以接觸到更多的人。


學園傳道會在它服務的社區成為光和鹽,求神帶領那些與 學園傳道會接觸的人歸向耶穌基督。