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Mosque / Pious Muslim

The Chinese Mosque in Mandalay is considered a central meeting area for Hui in Myanmar. Annually, many Hui people come from all over the country to attend worship. In early 2019, there was a 150th-year celebration that brought thousands of Hui people to the mosque for a joyful celebration with food and fellowship.

How could we pray?

Pray that many will turn their hearts to Jesus for forgiveness and worship the one true God, the Creator of the universe.


清真寺 / 虔誠的穆斯林

曼德勒華人清真寺被看作是緬甸回民的聚會中心,每年都有許多回民從各地趕來參加禮拜。 2019年初,曼德勒華人清真寺慶祝一百五十週年。上千的回民來到清真寺聚餐,團契,參加歡慶活動。