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B&E and Sister M

B&E and Sister M are a team who have followed God’s calling to reach the Hui in Myanmar for Jesus. B&E were workers who were reaching the Hui in China. However, they have changed their focus to the Hui in Myanmar. Currently, this team is in Southwest China to acquire the Hui language and culture. Afterwards, they hope to start ministering to the Hui in Myanmar by God’s leading.

How could we pray?

Pray that B&E and Sister M can learn the Hui language and culture quickly. Pray that they would find connections within the Hui community to reach out to the ones in Myanmar.



B和E以及M姐妹組成一個團隊,他們聽從上帝的呼召,準備去到緬甸回民中,讓他們認識耶穌。B&E 之前在中國回民中工作,現在把注意力轉向了緬甸回民。目前,該團隊在中國西南地區學習語言和文化。之後,他們希望神帶領他們開始服事緬甸回民。