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S & J

S & J operate a travel agency that provides services to many foreign travelers in Myanmar. With the recent pandemic and coup, their business has been negatively affected. They are witnessing the current tense situations in the country where lives are under the threat of Covid-19, flooding, and the junta. They are organizing relief work to provide medicine, oxygen, food, and supplies to those who support local pastors and missionaries.

How could we pray?

1. Pray for safety for S&J, and their efforts of providing supplies to the needy. 2. Pray for their ministry work with the youth, who are sacrificing their lives to defend the weak and needy. 3. Pray for additional resources and funding to assist their work. 4. Pray that all satanic forces would come to an end.





1. 為S和J 的安全,以及他們為有需要的人提供物資的努力禱告。 2. 為他們與年輕人一起的事工禱告,這些年輕人不惜犧牲自己的性命,去保護弱者和有需要的人。 3. 求神供應額外的資源和資金來協助S和J的工作。 4.求神結束撒旦一切的勢力。