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Hui Mothers and Children

“When my children were young, my whole day was spent taking care of them. I would feed them, clothe them and have them play with other little ones in our apartment complex. My days were very busy, but sweet. I also somehow found time to squeeze in my prayers to Allah, five times a day. As the saying goes, ‘The days are long but the years are short.’ Now my children are in school most of the day. After getting them ready and dropping them off for school, I get to spend my “school hours” during the weekdays visiting friends and family, taking a walk in the park, and praying to Allah without interruption. On the weekends, the kids are involved in extracurricular classes like badminton and piano. The weekends are busy, but the days are sweet as I watch my children enjoy playing with friends.”

How could we pray?

Pray that Hui moms will develop friendships with Christians who will serve them.



(回民母親的心聲)“我的孩子們還小的時候,我整天都在照顧他們。給他們吃,給他們穿,讓他們和公寓裡的其他小孩子一起玩。我每天雖然很忙,但很甜蜜。還可以擠出時間向真主禱告五次。俗話說得好:‘每天都很長,但一年一年過得很快。’ 現在我的孩子們大了,大部分時間都在上學。我每天幫他們準備,送他們去學校。他們在學校的時候,我就可以拜訪朋友和家人,在公園裡散散步,向真主禱告也不會被打岔。週末,孩子們會參加一些課外班,像羽毛球和鋼琴。週末通常很忙,但看著孩子們和朋友們一起玩耍,我覺得日子很甜蜜。”