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English Tutoring School in Pyin Oo Lwin

R and A run an English language program in Pyin Oo Lwin where they teach classes and tutor students. R and A teach students ranging from children to adults and from locals all the way to government officials. They teach about religious holidays in America as a convenient way to learn about American culture as well as God, Jesus, and other religious topics.

How could we pray?

Pray for God to bring more students to R and A so that they can reach more Burmese with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



R和A在彬烏倫開設了一個英語班。教授英語課程和輔導學生。 他們的學生年齡從兒童到成人,身份從老百姓到政府官員。他們以介紹美國的宗教節日,以便讓學生在了解美國文化之外,能有機會認識上帝、耶穌和其他與信仰相關的主題。